About us

Business With Purpose was started in 2017. But our journey began way before that.

After leaving the Marine Corps over 20 years ago, Barry started his career in Sales. He read many books by Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins.  He used his new-found skills in industries like Automotive Repair Sales, Door-to-Door Sales, Advertisement Sales, Windows & Door Sales, Home Improvement Sales, and more. 

His experience and skill always helped him exceed his sales goals in any industry.

In 2010, he helped start and grow his family’s successful Automotive Repair Shop from the ground up, and within four years the business reached $1 million in annual sales. 

Barry took his passion of sales and business development, and created Business With Purpose.  He teaches and coaches business Leadership Teams how to run their business using a Proven Process, and he trains Sales Teams how to structure their sales process for growth.

We hired Aldo Gomez to join our team in 2021 as a Sales Trainer.  Aldo was one of Barry's students many years ago. He worked as a Service Advisor at Charlie's Foreign Car in CA, and his customers routinely gave positive remarks on Aldo's customer service and addressed him in reviews. He sold over $1M as a Top Service Advisor. Aldo now trains many sales people across multiple industries.

Barry Barrett

Founder of Business With Purpose | Certified EOS Implementer | Sales Coach

Aldo Gomez

Sales Trainer

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