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Business Coaching & Sales Training

We TRAIN your sales professionals, DESIGN your sales process, and COACH your team to get results and increase revenue.

Are you feeling frustrated with any of these?

Or do you even have a sales process?

Are they following a process?

Are you monitoring the right measurables?

Do you have a consistent prospecting process?

Business With Purpose will help


your sales team


your sales process


to get results


Business With Purpose will help you design your sales process and train your sales team to use it effectively.


5 Traits of a Great Sales Professional

Barry Barrett shares a good lesson on the five important traits of a great sales professional. 

Do you have them on your team?  

Do you possess them yourself?

Watch the video

After leaving the Marine Corps over 20 years ago, Barry started his career in Sales. 

His experience and skill always helped him exceed his sales goals in any industry.

In 2010, he helped start and grow his family’s successful Automotive Repair Shop from the ground up, and within four years the business reached $1 million in annual sales. 

Barry took his passion of sales and business development, and created Business With Purpose.  He teaches and coaches business Leadership Teams how to run their business using a Proven Process, and he trains Sales Teams how to structure their sales process for growth.

Barry Barrett
Founder of Business With Purpose
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Selling With Purpose: How To Design Your Sales Process for Max Results, a 4-Week Online Sales Training Course









Selling With Purpose: How to Design Your Sales Process for Max Results

In this 4-week online sales training course, you will go from having an underperforming, dysfunctional, or complete LACK of a sales process to a profitable and effective sales process that helps you gain your dream customers and increase your revenue.

Your sales process does not have to be complicated. 

Keep it simple, but effective.

Get a copy of our 7-Step Sales Process that has been proven to be effective!

Get a copy of our 7-Step Sales Process!

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Podcast Episodes

The Business On Purpose Podcast, Hosted by Barry Barrett, interviews business owners about their entrepreneurial journey. And links to other podcast episodes in which Barry is a Guest.